I got kneed in the nose today at jiu jitsu and my eyes teared up.

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I dedicated this day to catching up on this season of Drag Race.

I must say I am impressed.

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at Charles Village Pub

Today I got mail from Prada and it was a look book at their collection of driver shoes.

Long story short I threw it directly in the trash because wow Prada how dare you assume that I would ever in my life wear driver shoes they’re so fucking ugly.


eyelovecasey asked: "I wasn't supposed to get these Dries pants but they were 60% off so obviously I got them."


Treat yo self

A staircase in the Bauhaus school of design, Staatliches Bauhaus, in Dessau, Germany, 1925-1926, designed by Walter Gropius. / Deviant Art

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